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The Henry County Genealogical Society offers many publications, from birth, marriage and death records to complete cemetery headstone inscriptions. Some of the prices may seem to be high, but we make very little profit from them. Generally, we charge the cost to reproduce the book, a two- or three-dollar profit, and the cost of postage to ship the publication. We use the small profit to help us defray expenses for other projects we have ongoing.

Our publications fall into several broad categories:

  1. Vital Records (Births, Marriages, and Deaths) from the Probate Office at the Henry County courthouse. Birth and death records from 1909 to the present are at the Henry County Health Department.
  2. Obituaries from The Deshler Flag and the Northwest Signal, and coming soon from the Liberty Press.
  3. Census records (transcribed by Stephen Badenhop).
  4. Cemetery transcriptions current as of 2013.
  5. Patent deeds.
  6. Ancestral charts.
  7. Miscellaneous collections.



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