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Contact Us

We’d like to hear from you about our website. If you would like to contribute family history information to the site, please let us know, and we’ll contact you to make arrangements to get the material to us. Some of it you will be able to upload yourself, some we’ll have to put on the site for you.

Welcome to the Henry County Genealogical Society

This is our supplemental site, where we will be posting information of interest to researchers who have family ties to Henry County, Ohio. We hope that it will be a place that people will visit, not only to learn about themselves through their ancestors, but to contribute their knowledge to the site for the benefit of others.

What We Offer

The Henry County Genealogical Society has been in existence since September 1986. In 2003 we created our website to make our holdings available to the widest possible audience. You will find on our site a complete listing of all of our books, CDs, pamphlets, and microfilms, all of which are available to the public at the Wood Memorial Library in Deshler. We also have a huge collection of books for sale, and you see what we have and even order it in our publications area.